Grades Suited For:
3rd–7th: Acid/Base chemistry and general waste water treatment lesson, waste water treatment demonstration

8th–12th: Acid base chemistry & general waste water treatment lesson; students complete hands-on activity to treat waste water in groups of 2–3

Time Requirements:
45–90 minutes

Equipment Needed:
White/black board, bench for doing chemical reactions, outlet for stir plate, safety glasses for each student performing reaction

Space Requirements:
3rd–7th: Area for students to gather and observe the waste water treatment chemical reaction

8th–12th: Chemistry lab with benches where students can complete reactions in groups of 2–3

Earth’s Water: Waste Water Treatment/Separation, Suspension and Mixtures



To teach students about general waste water treatment and demonstrate the treatment of waste water from the Pella paint system. Focus on Acid/ Base chemistry and solids separation from solution.

Facilitated By:

PEERS Partners (2–3 Engineers)

Tools Needed:

Provided by Facilitatorwaste-water-treatment-peers-program

  • Waste water treatment lesson
  • Waste water and treatment chemicals
  • Acid and base chemistry lesson, including litmus paper and other indicators
  • Reaction containers and chemical measurement/dispensing apparatus
  • Safety materials including gloves, safety glasses and safety data sheets