Grades Suited for:

Time Requirements:
45–90 minutes

Equipment Needed:
(provided by Pella)
Safety glasses, projector, broom for clean-up

Space Requirements:
Open area with space to project presentation,
table to run dowel experiment,
2nd table to run glass breakage experiment


dowel-stress-test-peers-programTo explain the engineering topics of stress, strength and strain. To show the benefits of computer modeling, then verify model results with experimentation. To have fun breaking windows.

Facilitated By:

Pella Corporation (2–3 Engineers)

Tools Used:

Provided by Facilitatorglass-stress-test-peers-program

  • Laptop with FEA Software
  • Poster of Analyses
  • Sample Part from Analyses
  • Dowel Deflection Experiment
  • Glass Breakage Experiment, including Containment Box and PPE