Grades Suited For:
3rd-8th Grade: Students will get to program Sphero to navigate what seems to be a simple obstacle course. They will get a behind the scenes look at the math and logic that goes into even simple programs.

Time Requirements:
45–70 minutes

Equipment Needed:
White board
PowerPoint Capabilities

Space Requirements:
Floor space to operate Sphero,
typically 10′ x 10′ is best.

Facilitated by Vermeer Corporation


To introduce students to basic programming and demonstrate via a quickly programmable robot. Focus on planning and implementing block programming for 3rd–6th grades, 7th–8th will additionally work with basic trigonometry.

Facilitated By:

PEERS Partners (2–3 Engineers)

Tools Used:

Provided by Facilitator

  • Sphero robot
  • Tablet to operate robot
  • Materials to mark out course
  • Tape measure
  • Calculators