Grades Suited For:
3rd–8th: Students will take apart what seems to be a simple toy to see how it works and attempt putting it back together. Very hands on program.
9th–12th: Panel discussion about different opportunities as an engineer. Discuss various types of engineers and how they relate to final products. Also discuss requirements during school and compensation.

Time Requirements:
45–90 minutes

Equipment Needed:
3rd–8th: DVD player/TV, Whiteboard/Chalkboard
9th–12th: PowerPoint capabilities needed

Space Requirements:
Typical Classroom,
3rd–5th in groups of 3–4

Facilitated by Vermeer Corporation


engineering-opportunities-classroom-peers-programShare what engineers do. Share the world of engineering as problem solving and the utilization/application of math and science to make our lives better. Demonstrate how every day involves the work of many engineers.deconstructed-toy-peers-program 


Facilitated By:

PEERS Partners (2–3 Engineers)

Tools Used:

Provided by Facilitator

  • toy-inner-workings-peers-program“Ask an Engineer” DVD
  • Small Toys
  • Screwdrivers
  • Magnetic Holder (screws)