December Invention Contest


Our invention contest asked students to develop a marketable product by combining a bike and a spoon. Here are our winners and what they developed:

  • Shaun V. (Pella High School – 9th grade) – Utilized the spoon to provide extra traction when riding a bicycle in the snow.
  • Cameron V. (Jefferson – 6th grade) – Created a “universal device” – the spoon can be used to hold a water bottle, hold a flashlight and also used to remove a flat tire.
  • Drew M. (Jefferson – 5th grade) – Invented a “Beach Comber” to look for shells on the beach and other cool things when riding a bike.
  • Jake B. (Jefferson – 4th grade) – Took a very creative approach by creating a magnetic bicycle to stick to a spoon in order to make eating fun.
  • Micah H. (Madison – 3rd grade) – Utilized the spoon as a mirror as a bicycle safety feature.
  • Nathan B. (Lincoln – 3rd grade) – Created a bicycle to plant in the garden by using multiple spoons.

Thanks to everyone who participated as we had over 30 great ideas submitted.