Grades Suited For:
Can be customized to grade level

Time Requirements:
45–90 minutes

Equipment Needed:
White board/ chalk board
Tables/desks set up in 4 learning stations
Screen to display overhead projector
Trash can

Space Requirements:


cryogenics-balloon-peers-programExplore the phases and effects of liquid nitrogen and the corresponding super cold temperatures on everyday objects, such as racquetballs, bananas, eggs, flowers, water, etc. Learn how it is used to process everyday products, such as frozen hamburger patties and sealing of potato chip bags.



Tools Used:

Provided by Facilitatorcryogenics-liquid-nitrogen-peers-program

  • Gloves/Handling Materials/Safety Equipment
  • Objects to Freeze
  • Experiment Equipment i.e. Flasks, Beakers, etc.