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Partnership for
Resources for
STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics

Knoxville Community

In the Knoxville School District, the PEERS program has been instrumental in showing our middle school students what their options are when looking for a career in engineering. The engineers that visit or present at assemblies, make the information simple and interesting for the students. Students are not always sure about what they want to do or what is available to them in life. This program is an excellent way to provide information to students and give them hands on experiences from professionals in their community and the workforce. It shows them how rewarding a career in engineering can be.

Brian McNeill, Principal, Knoxville Middle School

Melcher-Dallas Community

The Melcher-Dallas School District is thrilled to be a partner in the PEERS program, because it offers our students an opportunity to experience STEM from industry professionals in a manner that students enjoy. Students have a chance to try hands-on activities, ask questions, and interact with engineers, all in a manner that they find engaging. In addition, it provides an opportunity for them to explore different careers and to learn what path the representatives from the different industries have to taken to their rewarding careers. As a teacher, their visits help me to make better connections for real world applications and to help guide students in their post high school career.

Linda Urbas, Science Teacher, Melcher-Dallas JH/HS

Monroe Elementary School


Oskaloosa Community

The PEERS program allows teachers in Oskaloosa to have a variety of active learning topics, aligned to our curriculum, brought into their classroom by someone using the skills in their jobs – providing relevance to learning. The inquiry-based lessons are engaging and FUN and help our students to think critically about Science!!

Dr. Mary Cooksley – Director of Curriculum and Instruction, Oskaloosa Community Schools

Pella Christian Grade School

“Pella Christian Grade School is excited to partner with the PEERS program because this program has a direct benefit for students. Teachers from almost every grade level invite engineers and employees to come into our classrooms and teach a lesson that fits with our curriculum. I highly encourage our teachers to utilize the PEERS program at any grade level throughout the year!”

David DeJong, Pella Christian Grade Principal

Pella Christian High School

“Pella Christian High School is grateful for the opportunity to partner with the PEERS program. This program provides outstanding and hands on experiences that match up well with our STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) goals. These experiences greatly help out students as they prepare for college and as they consider possible career options.”

Darryl De Ruiter, Pella Christian High Principal

Pella Community Schools

“Project Lead the Way provides students with engaging instruction in the areas of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). It allows students to be on the leading edge of experiences that could result in rewarding and highly sought after careers.”

Greg Ebeling, Superintendent, Pella Community Schools

Peoria Christian

“Peoria Christian School is excited to partner with the PEERS program. We have utilized PEERS over the past two years in every grade level on our campus and the excitement, awe, and wonder from our students has been tremendous. The hands on activities really give our students a real world example of what professions they can strive to get into in the future. Every year, our staff is encouraged to participate in the PEERS program as a result of their high-quality, engaging program. “

Craig P. Rapinchuk, Principal, Peoria Christian School

Sully Christian