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STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics

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Rooted in our commitment to the liberal arts, with talented faculty and a robust core, Central College has historic strength in the STEM fields. Building on this tradition and working in partnership with local, international corporations, makes programs like our B.S. in engineering degree possible. Central students, regional K-12 schools, and our shared communities benefit from the alignment of mission when it comes to STEM. Our state and nation are better prepared to meet the needs of a global society because of PEERS leaders and the educational partnerships in place.

Mark Putnam, Central College President and executive committee member of the Iowa Governor’s STEM Advisory Council




“Iowa State University’s College of Engineering works closely with companies in Iowa, and across the United States, to educate students and prepare them to be engineers who make a difference. Iowa State’s engineering students learn by doing. And they turn their ideas into reality by working on team design projects, by gaining practical experience through internships and co-ops, and by doing cutting-edge research with our faculty. We partner with K–12 schools, community colleges, Iowa and UNI, and industry leaders like Pella Corporation, and together we are creating opportunity in engineering careers and building Iowa’s workforce and economy.”

Jonathan Wickert, Dean, College of Engineering, Iowa State University

“Our state and nation need engineers to compete successfully in the global economy. Reaching out to the elementary, middle and high school students on the exciting and challenging career that is engineering is part of the mission of The University of Iowa College of Engineering. We are honored to team with Pella Corporation and Pella area schools, with support from the University of Norther Iowa and Iowa State University, in creating and developing PEERS.”

P. Barry Butler, Dean, College of Engineering, The University of Iowa

“The state of Iowa and the United States have a significant stake in improving STEM education. The Department of Technology at the University of Northern Iowa inspires its students, as well as K-12 students, to be capable of contributing to a technology-based economy. We are proud to partner with the University of Iowa, Iowa State University and industry leaders like Pella Corporation to provide the workplace with students who have hands-on, real world experience.”

James Maxwell, Department Head, Department of Technology, University of Northern Iowa